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Mureza Auto Company is inviting a limited number of people to join our group of early investors in our venture and quest to become Africa’s leading homegrown automotive manufacturer.
The call to join is open to just 500 investors, who will comprise our class of Legacy Investors, and will close on 30 June 2022.
The 500 Legacy Investors will make up our pioneering class, with their summation converted to a 10% equity in the business. The early seed investment is priced at $5000 US and will come with recognition as founding and legacy investors of the project.


Follow this link to become a Legacy investor.

Africa is the home of diverse terrain and constant traffic of goods and people. Mureza Auto is here to provide tailored solutions to Africa’s persistent transport challenges by providing affordable and effective vehicles built to withstand the pressure.

As Africa’s first black-owned car manufacturer, we understand the pioneering trail and empowerment. The investment opportunity provides a platform for us to rise along with our investors and partners as we champion innovative and futuristic things for Africa and beyond.

(Investment at Risk)

Our aim is to SOLVE transportation challenges in Africa by producing the best quality vehicles suited for AFRICAN CONDITIONS.

Our Vision

To be a leading car manufacturer in Africa

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