Mureza Auto Co has one of Africa’s fastest growing investment stock options. To learn more about the performance of our shares and high level insights on investing with us, you can email us via the link below. Due to the high volume of inquiries we have created an online application process and we have NO INTERMEDIARY AGENTS!! Once you submit your intent to invest, our investment committee will contact you via phone call and someone will be assigned to your inquiry and an investment prospectus will be sent to you together with a unique reference code to submit your application. 



If you are looking for a job placement within our organization kindly send and email by clicking the link below. Our job opportunities will be published via our social media outlets and there are no application fees or employment agents who act on our behalf.



Mureza will sell it’s vehicles and associated services through a third party dealership network. We offer an annual franchise license for dealerships and service centers that are keen to sell our vehicles in their respective territories. New companies, individuals and existing dealerships are welcome to apply. Click the link below to submit your application online. 


A new product brings new information and opportunities. For the market to better understand our vehicles and all other related offerings from Mureza, we will have a host of seminars, training workshops and certification courses that will be offered in partnership with reputable institutions. 

The following categories will be offered:

  1. Vehicle maintenance and repairs
  2. Auto electrical and diagnostics
  3. Service delivery and customer care
  4. Electric vehicle (EV) systems and maintenance
  5. EV Infrastructure design, installation, operation and maintenance


If you are interested to offer any service of supply us with any product or equipment, kindly apply to be added to our database on the link below. We have no third party agents to handle our procurement and there is no upfront application fee required.