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R225,000 South African-made electric car launching in 2024

South African car company Mureza updated its website and social pages earlier in October with an announcement that it will launch a new sedan in 2024 that will be available as both an electric (EV) or a petrol vehicle.

According to the brand’s current estimates, the petrol model will sell for R196,000, while the EV will only be slightly more expensive at R225,000 – which will make it the most affordable battery-powered car in the country by far, besting the current holder of this accolade, the GWM Ora, by nearly R500,000.

Mureza was founded in 2016 and currently has six vehicle designs and 62 employees across its operations in the DRC, Kenya, Namibia, Niger, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

The home-grown automaker was supposed to release its first car in 2021, the 

Prim8 hatchback, at a starting price of R196,000, but by its own admission, it has not sold a vehicle in the country yet.

In a recent statement, the company said it “has not officially launched any vehicle products into the market” but that it has a stockpile of 6,000 units in partnership with Iranian SAIPA Motor Corporation which it is actively “preparing for the African market.”

“The models and specifications will be defined in due course, and information on where and how to purchase these vehicles will be announced via our formal channels,” it said.

The company aims to become Africa’s “flagship automotive brand” and intends to establish micro-factories in Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that will not only produce cars but also batteries and components. In the interim, all 

manufacturing is hosted by its “technical partners” such as SAIPA, it said.

Mureza will also offer electric alternatives for all its internal combustion models in addition to establishing a network of charging stations throughout Southern Africa, as well as battery-swapping programmes for its future EVs, according to its website. 

Everything we know about the new Prim8 EV

The 2024 Prim8 Sedan is described as a “smart and elegant vehicle that combines style and performance” and as promised, it will be available with a choice of two drivetrains, one running on petrol and one on electricity.

The specifics of the electric Prim8’s powertrain have yet to be divulged, with only a few key specs being announced thus far including a driving range of 400km, a top speed of 180km/h, and a charging time of two hours for the lithium-ion battery.

The electric four-door will also weigh in at 1,350kg, suggesting that it will be rather compact in size considering EVs are generally much weightier than their internal combustion counterparts on account of their big and heavy batteries.

The petrol model, on the other hand, will make use of a 1.5-litre motor that can be 

paired with an automatic or manual transmission, boasting a top speed of 200km/h and combined fuel consumption of 7.0l/100km. It also weighs in at a slightly lighter 1,150kg.

Pre-orders for the Prim8 will “open soon” with deliveries to commence in 2024, said Mureza.


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